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The top ten of 2010: 10 through 6

Friday, January 21st, 2011

To tell the truth, I’ve written drafts of this article ever since June last year, when I finished Tatami Galaxy. I’ve kept on twisting and twirling my mind to come up with the best list for the top anime of 2010, but priorities and pressing responsibilities have sidelined most of those attempts. To make things worse, I lost my Internet connection just when I had enough free time to finish my backlog: I still don’t have a connection up to this day. I’ve kept people waiting, however, so I decided that even if my list was flawed, it was going to be all right so long as I decided and made one.

To at least keep things thrilling, I am going to make the list in reverse, from the top 10 to the top 1.

10. The World God Only Knows

Let me start off with saying that the manga counterpart of this is so much better, although I recognize the merit in Hiro Shimono’s voice work. The girls are better drawn in the manga; they’ve gone a lot farther than it, as well, but it’s still refreshing the second time around even if the production values don’t seem that impressive. I’m glad it will have a second season.

9. High School of the Dead/Busujima Saeko


Tits and zombies. These two words describe High School of the Dead perfectly. But there’s something appealing and downright beautiful watching a group of young students (containing buxom females) escaping the zombie apocalypse despite their differences in personality, motivations, and intelligences. There’s also a sadistic part of me who wishes Rei will die so that Saeko can have Takashi all to herself. The series is clearly not in anyone’s best of 2010 list, but Saeko is most definitely in many people’s best girls. She was the one who made the anime for me: episode nine was such a joy for me to watch because it evinced the reality that she wasn’t the perfect lady most people, even her teammates, saw her to be. She was also a woman who had her desires and secrets – and that made her all the more delectable.

8. Otome Youkai Zakuro

I honestly didn’t expect Zakuro to be a romance. I thought it was going to build up on the alien-human interaction (and it did); I just did not expect it to explore the angle of romance. It had nevertheless strong production values through its run and had pathos-invoking characters, although it wasn’t anything novel, and thus its lower position.

7. Motto To-Love-Ru


That would probably be the first thing that comes into one’s head when one hears of To-Love-Ru being mentioned. The thing is, while that’s not incorrect, the second season of To-Love-Ru has brought so much more into the franchise and brought to the fore what the viewers really wanted. While most of us appreciated the buxom bodies of the women, most of us also wanted a sharper plot and a focus into the romance aspect of the series.

The second season delivers, and does it so well. While there remain to be the hijinks that peppered the first season, most of these excursions are more tastefully delivered and often leave a sweet aftertaste. It’s much more refreshing to see the different women’s love and appreciation for Yuuki evolve through his kind actions and despite his misfortunes. The second season also, at the very least, tackled issues that were skirted upon during the first season: the knowledge among the women that they love the same man, and how it also leads them to develop their relations with one another.

I seriously think To-Love-Ru deserves its place.

6. Seikimatsu Occult Academy

While this series certainly had its middling moments, the ending made up for all the lacking episodes. Bunmei’s sacrifice and Maya’s evolution throughout the series, not to mention the sparkling expressions on her face, merits it being in the discussion for the lesser great anime of 2010.

Otome Youkai Zakuro: first impressions

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Technically, the last true season of the year has begun. While it doesn’t seem to be as impressive as the offerings of the spring season, there are quite a few anime that I have decided to give chances to, and one of them is Otome Youkai Zakuro.

The production values for the first episode were awesome. Let's see how far this quality gets.

The production values for the first episode were awesome. Let's see how far this quality gets.

As I expected nothing whatsoever from the anime, I was pleasantly surprised by its first episode. While I was expecting violence from the blurb on the Fall charts, it was actually relatively peaceful, as it dealt with the interchange and coping of humans with their youkai counterparts. I do believe that people who are quite fond of action will be turned off by this series, because it is essentially another slice-of-life show about the struggles of a growing interspecies relationship between the main characters.

Well, I liked that. It was very different from what I imagined it would be, but with seemingly top-notch production values and lovable protagonists the series would be a very good way to waste one’s time. It probably won’t provide much food for thought, but its first episode was a delight to watch and the interactions between beast and human were just priceless. Whether it shifts into high gear with palpable tragedy (unlikely) or just breeze its way through maybe three hours of the viewer’s life, it’s something innocuous and may even be precious later on. Essays probably won’t be made on its content, but it will make some people smile.

I certainly did. 🙂