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A psychological analysis on Soukou no Strain’s Sara Werec

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

I have been oscillating between different WP themes, because I wanted to change the look of my site. I am partial to this template mainly because its banner image is cute and purplish (and I like derivatives of purple), but I just decided to stick with my Chocolate Candy theme after staying with this theme for about a day. I’m just saying this because you may have seen different themes of this site at different times of day. I was just experimenting. I may have these irrational binges later on, so I ask pardon in advance. For the time being, however, what do you think of this template? I picked this template because I loved the banner image – it just looks good to me. (more…)

A dabbling on economics and (psycho)psychology, Soukou no Strain summaries, and Chess Master

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

The answer I was looking for … and some addendum

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I’m not even playing with you. Some professor made this graph, though I can’t be arsed to find out who he is.

I have a lot of things to talk about, so this post is probably going to be discursive and rambling, but I have a lot of things on my mind; if I don’t talk about them sooner they’d probably just be forgotten by me, and I don’t want that. First is that although I link to my own posts, I do it not because of conceit (despite what you may think), but as you may have noticed, my posts seem to form a chain among themselves – and this is totally unintentional. Who may have known that I’d discover two good mecha anime in a season – at almost the same time? Who may have known that the one who was most prone to what he writes about was he himself? I certainly didn’t – I just write what I feel at the time I write a post. I cannot look into the future. So if you’re wondering why I’m linking to my own posts, it’s just coincidental that they’re somehow related to each other. (more…)

Soukou no Strain – 01

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

It was simply on a whim that I downloaded Soukou no Strain. I was about to sleep, but since I don’t turn off my laptop I decided it would be better for me to download some new episodes, and decided to watch S-Strain simply because it had too little information on the Internet – at least for me. I didn’t expect the first episode to be anything as good as what I have just seen: I was in a stupor having slept for only four hours (it is imperative that one makes the most out of the last days of his vacation), but having viewed the first episode I’m very awake. It was akin to having a dog bite me in the ass (yes, and I’ve been bitten by a dog [rabid, no less] before) – it’s just that jarring. (more…)