The Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is what I call my attempt to write 15 posts within 15 days. This page will be continually edited as more and more content is added.

  1. The First Day: We murder to dissect.
  2. The Second Day: Contextuality in media
  3. The Third Day: Differences in anime and literature
  4. The Fourth Day: Music in anime
  5. The Fifth Day: On nouveau bloggers
  6. The Sixth Day: Athambia, aphasia, apathia
  7. The Seventh Day: Bus Gamer: yes, an anime review
  8. The Eighth Day: Media’s intertextuality, and postmodernism as a bane
  9. The Ninth Day: Filipinos are a bunch of perverts
  10. The Tenth Day: A more holistic weltanschauung
  11. The Eleventh Day: Fools rush in …
  12. The Twelfth Day: The RAW Problem
  13. The Thirteenth Day: Life imitates art
  14. The Fourteenth Day: An attempt to enlighten
  15. The Final Day: Thank you for blogging.